Broadband Specialist (Field Technician) for Mediacom

Mediacom Communications
Job Description
Our Broadband Specialists are the face of Mediacom and are provided extensive training on installing and troubleshooting services in customers’ homes and businesses! 

As a Broadband Specialist I (Field Technician), you will be primarily focused on new installations of our cable television and broadband services. As you gain more experience in the role, you’ll move more towards service-oriented calls, where you are troubleshooting and fixing existing services, rather than just installing new ones. You’ll also learn and perform a variety of duties including: changes of service, additional outlet installation, disconnection of service, payment collection, and any special requests customers may have in regard to installation. 

This is an entry-level, tiered position, which means there are multiple promotions available through our Building Blocks Training Program, and the first 3 are self-guided. As long as you meet the minimum tenure, pass the required training courses, and pass the field test, you automatically get those promotions and the increases to your hourly rate associated with them.

The entry-level position starts at: $15 per hour. 
The first promotion can come as early as just 90 days! Total increase = $1.50/hr
The second promotion can be as early as 9-12 months! Total increase = $1.50/hr
The third promotion can be as early as 18 months! Total increase = $0.50 + 10%
That would put you roughly in the range of $[start + ~$4-5.00] in as little as 18 months!

Monthly attendance bonus: up to $150 month 
Perfect attendance/ arrive on time, complete shift, and no call ins

Productivity Bonus: BBS work on a scorecard with their supervisor notating, completion times, damage assessments, if it’s a repeat home. This bonus can be up to $300 monthly and averaging at $200

Commissions are available but not mandatory, if you sell any upgraded products

Non-monetary: After 90 days of employment your Company tools, vehicle, Tablet, cell phone and uniforms are provided. Before your 90 days are complete you will use a vehicle that must stay at the site/office.

Benefits Package: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Short-term & long-term disability, 401(k) with company match <we match 50% up to the 1st 6%>, 2 forms of PTO, and discounts/reimbursements for broadband services (Mediacom vs. non-Mediacom area). 

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